Physical Education

The Mary R. Fisher Elementary Health & Physical Education program offers a wide array of different activities to promote skill and cognitive development, cooperation and success. We also strive to integrate other valuable core subjects into my lessons to reach varying interests and promote further practice.

We approach student health and physical wellness as part of a continuum that affects a child’s ability to learn and succeed. The promotion of healthy physical and mental habits, along with cooperation and sportsmanship, help our students develop skills that benefit their development in the classroom and, indeed, all areas of life. Health & Physical Education is a crucial part of every child’s development.

We are always available to consult with parents and guardians, and enjoy working as a team to foster a safe and respectful school climate at Mary R. Fisher Elementary.

Students play ball on a playground.

Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. Heidi Devine

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Hello Mary R. Fisher Friends,

We have another week of PE from a distance.  This week we are going to practice our underhand tossing skills.  You get to be creative with the equipment that you use!

First:  Place your hand over your heart- just as if you were going to do the Pledge of Allegiance.  Your heart is probably beating very slowly.

Warm up: Now let’s get your heart rate up with fast feet- find a spot to stand and run in place by moving your feet just as fast as you can!  When you feel ready do high knees – jog in place and alternate bringing your knees up as high as you can. Alternate between fast feet and high knees.  When you stop, place your hand over your heart. You should feel your heart beating very quickly. As I have said to you many times…I like to think that this means your heart is happy!

Underhand tossing – homeschool style!

Ask an adult in your house to help you find some random items such as laundry baskets, cardboard boxes, laundry hampers, small trash cans etc.  Then you are going to get creative with things you can toss indoor- such as paired socks, pieces of paper wadded up in a ball, etc.

Place the boxes, bins, baskets, etc around the living room or open space.  Practice underand tossing by following these cues.

Cues:  Feet together, place item to toss in dominant (favorite hand) with palm up, step forward with non-dominant foot, and release the item approximately waist height, pointing fingers and toes towards the target – which is the baskets, bins, etc.

Stand somewhat close to the target and each time you make it, take 2 steps back

Grades 1-4 can write numbers on paper and tape them to the bins, boxes, baskets, etc.

Younger grades can add the number of points “scored” each round until he/she has tossed all the items.  Grades 3 & 4 can add the points of if they would like a challenge they can multiply numbers.

Hopefully parents can play along or a sibling too!

Cool down:

At the end of the activity go to GoNoodle (you should remember this from 2 weeks ago).  Use that same login information and choose a video from the mindfulness category.

Please continue to send pictures and videos.  These make me so happy! Don’t forget that you should be getting 60 minutes of physical activity every single day!  How many of you met your water challenge? Did you drink half your weight in ounces of water everyday?

The challenge for this week is to kick a sugary habit! Well…let’s cut back.  So maybe if you drink chocolate milk everyday, try and drink white milk, one or two days.  Cut back on that sugar this week. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth….so I too will taper off and report back.

Stay tuned!  Soon you will see my Weebly link!  🙂

Stay active, be safe, and have fun!

~Mrs. Devine