Campers at Camp Invention unlocked enthusiasm and creativity at Mary R. Fisher Elementary School this summer.
Fisher’s Camp Invention is the local edition of the national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Camp Invention program sponsored by the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Every day for a week in July, 35 grade K-6 students from Thompson, Killingly, and Webster traded their usual summer routines for solving technical problems through creativity, innovation, teamwork, and good old fashioned persistence.

“So many parents have told us they’ve had more conversations with their kids about this program than they’ve ever had from a regular school day,” said Fisher School Principal Noveline Beltram. “I think a lot of it is that the kids are steering their own learning. They’re looking at their world and seeing what they can change and improve – even as kids.”

The Camp Invention program challenged them to design a new planet for human habitation and then build a model of it. To build a super-secure “spy box” after decoding a note written in invisible ink. To create a hot new consumer product out of duct tape. To manage a limited budget for creating their product like an adult entrepreneur.