On May 2, 2017, the fourth grade participated in a Skype visit with author Kate Messner.  Ms. Messner is the author of the extremely popular Ranger in Time series.  In preparation for the visit the fourth grade teachers read a Ranger in Time book to their classes.  The children discussed potential questions for Ms. Messner, and two to three children of each class were selected to read the questions during the question and answer period of the presentation.

Ms. Messner’s presentation was interesting and informative.  She presented her writing process, research techniques, and actual historical landmarks that she utilizes in her books.  The children were enthralled, and student feedback has been overwhelming positive.  Each child received an autographed copy of Ms. Messner’s latest book title Ranger in Time, Journey through Ash and Smoke.  The school was able to pay for the Skype visit with Scholastic Dollars which were earned at the book fairs.  The visit was a very successful, and we hope to be able to visit with a different author next year.